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Your goals are personal. Your financial plan should be too.

By combining my knowledge and experience in financial services with my focus on building lasting relationships, I'm determined to deliver sound investment and insurance strategies that can help you take control of your financial future.

My years of training and experience in financial services help me to assess your most important financial concerns. Working together, we'll evaluate each issue to design a financial strategy that addresses your unique needs and helps you reach your goals.

Once you've decided upon a strategy that meets your needs and that you are ready to put into action I'll go over your options, helping you select a combination of products and services that make sense and suits your goals. Over time, I'll follow up with you to make sure things are on track and proceeding according to plan.

Expert Advisory

One to one financial advice based on your goals and needs

Concierge financial planning

Design of strategies to enhance your plans to grow your wealth, invest in your future and protect your family.

Portfolio Management

Personalized solutions focused on downside loss prevention.

Products & Services

A variety of financial products and services that are designed to help you plan for, build and achieve a more stable financial future.

Retirement Planning

Fixed and Variable Annuities

Variable and Traditional Life Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

401(k) and other Company Sponsored Plans

Asset Management Accounts

Mutual Funds

Money Markets

Traditional and Roth IRAs

Deferred Compensation Programs

Concierge Financial Planning

Portfolio Management

Our Approach

Commitment to what matters

Your finances are always about you. We are committed to getting to know who you are, what matters to you and how you have made decisions so far. Only then we offer advice on the specific products that are appropriate for your plan and your life.

Wealth Management Portal

Our Wealth Management Tool is a comprehensive financial planning software application that offers you both, goals-based and cash-flow-based, analyses and projections.

The client portal is a detail-rich and interactive asset, which displays all wealth-management-relevant information, like net worth, investments, insurance, budgets and spending. Also, it facilitates the aggregation of held-away assets and accounts, which helps us, advisors, get a clearer picture of our clients’ financial lives.

This tool offers detailed scenario insights and analytics that help us determine the likelihood of a plan’s success along with other data.

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